The idea of ​​creating an international audiovisual production company was launched and developed by Virginio Ferrari and his son Gioele


Virginio was Motorcycle Champion in the 1970’s and 80’s and began his television experience in 1985 when he was called by Tele-Monte-Carlo to collaborate on the program CRONO TEMPO DI MOTORI produced by Monegasque SAMIPA and directed by Jo de Raco.


Virginio Ferrari decided to move to Monaco and he continued his TV career with TeleMonteCarlo as commentator for Grand Prix Championship Races in collaboration with journalist Giorgio Bungaro.


His experience in the world of television continues in the following years interspersed with his activity of Team Manager in Grand Prix World Championship and Superbike Championship  and  importer of top motorcycles in the Principality of Monte Carlo.


Gioele Ferrari, graduated in Classical Piano from the ACADEMIE DE MUSIQUE PRINCE RANIER III.

He continued his training as a pianist and composer at the CPM in Milan, Italy (Centro Professionale Musica ) in modern piano where he  obtained his Bachelor Degree in contemporary writing and production. He also attended DAMS University of Discipline D’Arte Musica e Spettacolo in Imperia and Turin where he honed his expertise in production and marketting.


Since 2015 Virginio and Gioele actively participate in the creation and implementation of the YOUMOTOR project and several programs dedicated to the world of motors and engines for Italian television in collaboration with  Giorgio Bungaro, editor and journalist specialized in programs dedicated to the world of engines for Italian television


All this experience will be put in work for the development and benefits of MONACO NETWORK. 

Gioele et Virginio Ferrari